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Edge Protection Training

Edge Protection Training

Edge protection training provided by Australian Scaffolds & Access satisfies Australian Standards AS/NZS 4994.2:2009 Section 8 Training.

Section 8 Training states

“Persons involved in the installation of roof edge protection shall be trained in the correct method of installing and dismantling the specific type of equipment, with particular attention being paid to the method of connection to the wall structure or roof structure.
Formal training or a certificate of competency may be required for scaffold erection, fall arrest systems, total restraint or mechanical access”.

Training Information

Australian Scaffolds & Access provides training on a monthly basis in our yard at 71 Hobart Street, Riverstone NSW.  Topics covered include product information and the safe installation of edge protection products. If you would like to participate in an edge protection training session or need more information on edge protection equipment or training, please call Frank Ademovic on 1300 919 905 or email [email protected]

Butlin Maxi Roof Edge User Guide

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Competency and licensing

The model WHS Regulations list the scaffolding work that requires a high-risk work licence.

If you are carrying out scaffolding work where there is a risk of a person or object falling more than four metres, you must hold a scaffolding high-risk work licence. For example, if you erect a small frame to clean the eaves of a house or to paint a ceiling, and the distance you might fall is four metres or less, you don’t need a high-risk work licence. Above all, for more detailed information on setting up and operating scaffolds, see our General guide for scaffolds and scaffolding work.